Bir Billing Paragliding Cost

What is the Cost for Bir Billing Paragliding?

The average price for paragliding in Bir Billing is INR 2500 for approx 15 to 30 Min Flight. But this price may vary from different paragliding service provider.

Here at Bir Billing Adventure, We have standard price for a normal paragliding. We normally charges INR 2000 per person for single 15-30 minutes paragliding. In this price the transportation charges are also included and you also don’t have to worry as we won’t ask you anything, “No Hidden Charges” and “No Service Tax”. The take-off site is approx 18 KM away from where we pick you.

Also we have various different packages for paragliding. The Medium Flying Package will offer you to fly from 30 Min – 45 Min in the air. The Next we offer in The Long Flying. The duration of this flying range from 45 Min – 60 Min. For those who want to fly for much longer period of time we also have The Cross Country Flying. The timing for cross country flying will be more than 1 hour. The timing can vary as per client’s choice. Our pilots are also well experienced for Acrobatic stunts in the air. We can also offer Acrobatic stunts while flying on clients request. Kindly remember, The price will vary from package to package, amount of duration of flying and for Acrobatic stunts in the air.